C/C++ Tutoring

C/C++ is a popular general purpose programming languages. Here are some of my favorite C/C++ topics that I know well and would love to share with you!

G++ - Open Source C++ Compiler
GCC - Open Source C Compiler
Object Orientation - Create your own types!
Makefile - Standard Linux build tool
Stdlib - Standard library for data structures
VisualStudio - Tried and true dev environment

I'm always available to review your assignment, study guide or project plan.
If you are interested, please contact me here and we can schedule your first session!


Reviews From My Students

"Before I met Jason, I was stuggling with my C++ class. I was having a hard time understanding the martial and not understanding the projects. Jason helped me by showing me examples, doing practice exercises, and explaining questions in a different way. With Jason help, I improved my grades. I highly recommend Jason for any computer science major."
- Michael

"I worked with Jason on a c programming assignment. Not only was he knowledgeable, but he also provided some helpful tips for debugging errors in the future. I could by the way he walked through the code with me that he had a teaching background and was able to explain and help me understand where some of the technical issues could be. I'd suggest working with Jason. He is responsive and awesome to work with."
- Alice

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