C# Tutoring

C# is a popular language from Microsoft. Here are some of my favorite C# topics that I know well and would love to share with you!

ASP.NET MVC - Model View Controller Pattern
Datatables.net - Advanced Table UI Component
Entity Framework - Database Persistance
Nuget - The .net package manager
Kendo UI - Advanced GUI Toolkit for web apps
VisualStudio - Tried and true dev environment
Web Forms - First generation web app framework
Win Forms - Classic windows desktop apps

I'm always available to review your assignment, study guide or project plan.
If you are interested, please contact me here and we can schedule your first session!


Reviews From My Students

"Jason was very patient and helping in assisting with teaching C# and MVC. He made sure to relate the discussion to what I plan to do after my studies, as well, which I really appreciated!"- Katelyn

"Jason so patiently taught me C# and helped me understand the coding in a way my college professor has not been able to. I look forward to working with him again."- Rebecca

"First session, I would say Jason hit it out of the ball park. I had a critical project assignment and a fast approaching due date, which needed to be complete within a day. Not only, did Jason resolved my broken code. I actually learned something new within 90 minutes of our tutor session. Definitely, I will be reaching back to Jason. Not only he is knowledgeable in C# and .Net. Jason is also articulate and fluid in his teaching delivery. Thanks a million, Jason. "- Geno

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