JavaScript Tutoring

JavaScript is a powerful language with a rich collection of editors and third party libraries. Here are some of my favorite JavaScript topics that I know well and would love to share with you!

Chrome Tools - Browser based code inspector
GitHub - Popular cloud based source control site
JQuery - Fast, small and feature rich JS library
Next.JS - The React framework for production
Node.JS - JavaScript based web server
Npm - The Node Package Manager
React.JS - Interactive front end framework
Storybook.JS - Custom component portfolio
TypeScript - Strongly typed language built on JS
VSCode - Popular editor with Python plugin

I'm always available to review your assignment, study guide or project plan.
If you are interested, please contact me here and we can schedule your first session!


Reviews From My Students

"His teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. He's excellent at building confidence in understanding Javascript and keeping lessons fun and engaging through various activities." - Shantel

"Jason clearly has a ton of knowledge and capability as both a programmer and teacher. We were able to go over some specifics of JavaScript (including a couple of coding exercises) as well as some more generic "wisdom". It was great to meet with Jason!." - Keenan

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