With 190+ hours tutoring Python online, 15 years of programming experience and a Masters in Computer Science, I am ready to help you master Python!

Student Feedback

“I am new to Python and needed help figuring out a solution to a business problem. Jason took the time to listen to understand my needs and learning style. He provided demonstrations, sample code and various ways for me to search for documentation. I look forward to working more with Jason in the future.” —Leah

“I highly recommend Jason as a tutor. He worked with me in my NLP, text analytics/python course, and helped me better understand the python language. He was available, communicative, and patient as I worked to learn python. Jason is an excellent teacher, and I was so thankful to have his support as I took on this challenging course. He even stayed up late to make sure that I was ahead of deadlines, and on track to be successful. He took a personal interest in my success, and that was most meaningful. Couldn’t have done it without him. I highly recommend working with Jason if you have the opportunity.” —Morgan

“Jason really helped me understand Python a lot better and how to code an application that will help me solve my objective. He’s very patient and explains every step in great detail. He even helped me understand IT concepts that I was only partially familiar with.” —Lauren


Online Python Tutoring

I offer assistance with Python 3.7, Anaconda, PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, DataFrames and more.

Broken code? No problem! I would be excited to help get your code working again and get things back on track.

I’m always available to review your assignment, study guide or project plan.

Contact me and we can work together to take your Python skills to the next level!