SQL Tutoring

SQL is a loose standard with a variety of products and tools. Here are some of my favorite SQL topics that I know well and would love to share with you!

ER Diagrams - A chart with tables and relationships
JSON - A lightweight data-interchange format
SQL Server - SQL Database from Microsoft
MongoDB - Semi-structured document database
MySQL- Open Source SQL Database
Oracle - SQL Database made by Oracle
Procedures - Server site processes written in SQL
Queries - Requests for data from a database
Tables - A grid of fields and rows for storing data
Views - A saved query accessed like a table

I'm always available to review your assignment, study guide or project plan.
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Reviews From My Students

"I got in touch with Jason in order to get some help with a SQL assignment for my database management class. He was able to make time for me even though I reached out to him at the last minute. We spent a couple hours going over the homework and I received an 'A' grade. Very happy with the experience and I will definitely be using his tutoring service in the future." - Mohammad

"I learned a lot more about SQL. I learned how Primary keys and Foreign keys work together and started to learn how to build a table in the Oracle SQL Database. He really knows SQL and I highly recommend him!" - Rebecca

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